Tools: Adobe Captivate, Canva

Context: This responsive course introduction was created with engagement in mind. The learner is introduced to Craig, a supervisor having issues with his team. He hears a rumor that the answers to his problems are buried in the office library amongst a shelf of books. The learner will need to explore the books in the office to find the solution to Craig’s problem.

This introduction sets the scene for an exploratory lesson, where the learner open the books to gain new knowledge. As they explore each book (or skill), they will need to be prepared to share this with Craig as the lesson’s assessment.

Tools: Articulate Rise, Canva, Powerpoint

Client: Volusia County Public School Teachers

Context: With the pandemic’s effect, more students are pivoting to remote learning. With Canvas, educators can lead an entirely virtual class, or implement a blended model. However, many educators are unsure of how to utilize this learning management system. 

This lesson was created to kickstart a series of courses on setting up a Canvas course. In this course, learners will be able to access their Canvas course and set up a homepage for students. They will be able to add and format text, images, and other media. 

Tools: Techsmith Camtasia, Canva

Context: LinkedIn provides a collaborative online community for professional networking. Your banner is one of the first features of your page that will attract attention.

This is a how-to video demonstrating the steps taken to create a LinkedIn banner using Canva. This was developed for a learner with limited proficiency of Canva beyond accessing one’s account.

Tools: 7Taps

Context: Not all e-Learning has to be time consuming! 

This is a quick and basic microlearning course created through 7Taps, a micro-learning platform. It is developed as a refresher or introductory level course to go over the basic principles of knife safety in a home or commercial kitchen.

Tools: Adobe Captivate, Powerpoint

Context: This is a small portion of a green initiatives presentation. It was created to demonstrate proficiency with more advanced options within Adobe Captivate. Variables and advanced actions were used to create a click to reveal interaction. All items must be clicked in order to move forward to the next slide.